Jamie and Jill, Couple, Wedding at the Clarks Landing Yacht Club

“Love the video!! Just had a family dinner and we all watched it together. Was great to see all the important details I missed – everything that day went by so quickly! Thank you so much, it’s really wonderful!!.” July 28, 2011



Katherine Kostreva, Publisher, NationsBravest.com / On Point Publishing

“I have thoroughly enjoyed multiple experiences working with Burke Pushman. Having collaborated with many videographers across the country, he remains one of the most upbeat, and certainly most reliable. A key component to a good videographer is his willingness to tweak the footage, and tweak it again until the client is truly happy. I know Burke spent countless extra hours to finish my requests, and he did so with unmatched willingness and enthusiasm. The heart he puts into his work is evidence of his professionalism.” July 28, 2011



Brendan Rosen, Creative Contractor, Madison Avenue Sports and Entertainment

“I’ve worked with Burke side by side on a number of projects, as well as having had him contracted to do multimedia work. Burke is not only a videographer, but a professional of new media including web design, still and motion graphic design, video editing, publishing and distribution. He’s always had a fantastic turnaround on any project he’s ever done with or for me. If you’re looking for a guy who knows his stuff and can do it right, Burke’s your man, which is why I continue to partner with him on any project.” November 11, 2010 (via. LinkedIN)


Adolfo Acosta, Video Broadcast Technician/Project Editor/Segment Producer, AccuWeather

“Burke was a pleasure to work with. Not only is he an excellent camera operator as well as an excellent video and audio editor, but he is incredibly resourceful, sharp and inventive. He’s easily adaptable and quick to learn anything. Burke is an excellent addition to any professional environment.” October 28, 2010 (via. LinkedIN)


Karah Donovan, Broadcaster, AccuWeather

“Burke has a great work ethic and pays attention to detail. He also has a positive attitude that has the ability to encourage others during times of trial.” September 13, 2009 (via. LinkedIN)


Jim Kosek, Broadcaster/Meteorologist, AccuWeather

“Meticulous, energetic and highly effective. Burke’s video and technical knowledge along with his quest to be the best are what sets him apart.” December 23, 2008 (via. LinkedIN)